Donate timeshares and support U.S. veterans who need your help. Here, at Florida Veterans Assistant Associations,we get donors out of their timeshares with a good tax benefit, and we raise money for our veterans program in the process.

The global timeshare industry can be traced back to a single ski resort in the French Alps during the 1960s. The developer encouraged guests to "stop renting a room" and instead "buy the hotel." The idea took off and there are now over 1,600 timeshare resorts in the US and over 5,000 timeshare resorts worldwide. In the US over 9 million households own one or more timeshare weeks or points equivalent.

While timeshares can be exchanged through RCI and Interval International, the two major international exchange companies, what is often not disclosed is that not all timeshares carry the same trading power. Also, most timeshares quickly depreciate in value and timeshare disposal can be a significant challenge.

Many timeshare resellers and even charities over promise and under deliver and outright scams are common. Most of our timeshare donors are at first very skeptical. Even reputable charities that accept timeshare donation tend to have more complaints, and due to the high costs involved, appear to spend less on program services as a percentage of total expenses, than other charities.


Florida Veterans is regulated by the State of Florida and has an excellent track record. We experience very few complaints each year compared to the thousands of veterans and donors we serve. When the occasional issue does arise, we are quick to respond and resolve it. Much of our timeshare donation volume is from repeat donors and referrals from past timeshare donation donors. Donate Timeshares and not only support veterans and their families but receive a substantioal tax benefit.

For More Information, Please call Florida Veterans Assistant Associations at (813) 249-4910, email us at or fill out our contact form.

Donating Timeshares!