How Can I Find Out More?

To find out how to donate your timeshare please call us at 813-249-4910, email us at or complete our Contact Us form as appears elsewhere on the site.

What if I Don't Live in the United States?

We receive many donations from Canadian and overseas donors who are pleased to be rid of their unwanted timeshares even without the tax benefit. If you are interested in receiving a tax benefit in your home country, please consult with your local tax advisor.

Will I Receive a Tax Receipt to Support My Donation?

Yes. Upon completion of the transfer we send you a tax receipt for any fees and a letter of support for the timeshare donation itself. Your tax adviser will know how these are use, or you can review the IRS web site directly at here.

What is the Amount That I Can Deduct for Tax Purposes?

As with other non-cash donations the IRS allows you to deduct up to $5,000 for a timeshare donation without needing an independent appraisal. For deductions exceeding $5,000 the taxpayer must provide a certified appraisal. Our broker is licensed to appraise timeshares or you can use a valuation web site such as TRI-WEST Real Estate.

What if My Timeshare Donation Is Rejected?

Most timeshares do not have a resale market to speak of in this economy. However, we can generally accept a donation of these same timeshares on a direct transfer basis provided we know we can transfer it out of your name. If for some unusual reason we are unable to complete the transfer, unless otherwise agreed in writing, we will simply refund any paid-in fees and discontinue the transfer process.

Do You Guarantee the Timeshare Will Be Transferred Out of My Name?

Yes. We will only accept a Timeshare Donation on a direct transfer basis if we know it can be transferred based on prior experience.

Who Handles the Transfer of Ownership?

We use only experienced third-party title and transfer companies that specialize in timeshare transfers and attorneys experienced with timeshare closings in those locations where an attorney is required.

How Long Does the Donation Process Typically Take?

The transfer process typically takes 60 to 90 days but varies depending on resort and county responsiveness for domestic transfers, and any special requirements for international transfers.

What Happens if I Just Stop Paying the Maintenance Fee?

The legal and financial consequences of walking away from a timeshare are no different than defaulting on any other financial obligation. The resort will turn your account over to a collection agency and will report your lack of payment to the three credit bureaus.

What about Unpaid Maintenance Fees and Outstanding Mortgages?

Donors are responsible for paying off any outstanding mortgages and past due maintenance fees and special assessments, and keeping these current throughout the donation process.

What Costs Can I Expect to Pay During the Donation Process?

The closing and administrative costs associated with a timeshare donation vary by resort and transfer method. If there is a resale market for your timeshare the donor cost is minimal or even zero.

What Timeshares Do You Accept?

We accept both deeded and right-to-use timeshare donations in all 50 states, Mexico, Canada, The Caribbean Islands and many other parts of the world.