Alfred C.

I donated my timeshare last year and the deduction will be applied to my tax return. Everyone on your end was competent and responsive. I was very happy that we were able to finalize the process before year end. I strongly recommend the Florida Veterans Assistance Association!


Ronald C.

We were exceptionally pleased do donate two time shares to Florida's veteran's assistance association. The process and timeline were clearly explained up front and it was easy to get periodic updates. Everyone on staff was responsive to emails and phone calls throughout the process. I have already referred a friend and I believe he is working with you now. I will refer others.


Martha R.

Thanking for doing a great job with my timeshares and disposing of them for me . The expenses of maintaing them were too expensive for me and causing me to be stressed out all the time . The maintenance bills ; the fees,redoing the roof this year and last year two of timeshare resorts were redecorating the rooms for our comfort .I can not afford to travel because my income has decreased to now being on a fixed income and my health is challenged .The only comfort I get now is peace of mind because I have spoken to other timeshare companies and they promised me the moon and stars that they were going to do it and wanted to charge me big dollars not the Florida Veterans Assistancs, they worked out a plan that was affordable and was able to fit my budget and most lmportent they kept their promise to me and they disposed of my timeshares - the best part no more bills, letters, notices or calls : Thank you so much for keeping your word :I will recommend you to others .


Mark R.

My name is Mark Rotter. I am a Vietnam Era veteran. I had a timeshare in Kissimmee Fl. Twice I worked with private companies to donate my deed and twice I got ripped off. Both companies are now long gone and so is the money I gave them.

I was told about Florida Veterans Assistance and made an appointment with them. They were terrific, both Joel (Who himself is a Vietnam Veteran) and Todd were congenial and easy to deal with. The transfer of the deed was swift, easy and painless. Within several months my deed to my timeshare was gone. My credit score rose in a relatively short time and my life became much better for it.

Everyone else I dealt with prior to contacting F.V.A. wanted a fee to unload my timeshare, including the two I was scammed by (Pam Bondi had a class action suit against them). The difference between them and F.V.A., less expensive. Plus knowing that a good part of the money was being used to assist other veterans, made it a much more rewarding experience.

Compared to all the money I wasted paying annual maintenance fees for a timeshare that was so dirty, and rundown that my family actually refused to stay at, the fees were insignificant.

I highly recommend this organization to everyone, veteran, and non-veteran. They are honest and sincere in what they do.


Gala J.

A big thank you to this great organization . donation will be applied to my 2018 taxes . everyone on your end was responsive and pleasant to deal with . ill always be a reference if needed . God bless you.


Ron C.

Thank you, Florida Veterans, for relieving me of my unwanted timeshare ! yes all the documentations was complete and the donation will be applied to my 2018 tax return. Everyone on your end was competent and responsive. Very satisfied and happy that we were able to finalize the process before year end.Any hiccups were brought to light and resolved quickly . Its always interesting when you see whats missing from your personal files!!


Jose E.

aI am a Gulf War veteran driver for 20 years got into a life-threatening accident I was literally homeless living under a tree I met mr. Markman and he took me into his office and let me live there for free now I'm back on my feet and blessed because of mr. Markman and the Florida veterans assistance association !!!!!

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