Judith C.

Yes, all the documentation is complete, and the donations applied to my tax returns. Everyone on your end was competent and responsive. I was very satisfied and happy that we were able to finalize the process before year end. Any hiccups or irregularities were brought to light and resolved quickly. It's always interesting when you see what's missing from your personal files!

In the process, I was brought up to date on the mode of "ownership" at Lindo Mar. I'd always believed that it was a partial interest in the land or airspace, but in fact, it was a "membership," and no deed was issued. Ha!

If memory serves, I believe a review was posted for the Vets earlier this year. Please feel free to excerpt any portions that you feel are fitting. And I'll be a reference, no problem. Hope your summer is progressing well and that the bugs aren't biting . . . much.


Thomas D.

Over the past 10 years I have spoken to so many scam artist in the business of "timeshare sales". I approached the transaction with Florida Veterans Assistance Association very cautiously. I was immediately surprised. An operator answered and took the information, I wanted to deal with. She referred me to an agent, who called me that day. He laid out the mechanics of donating my timeshare units. There were some twist and tangles, but each had a purpose. Recall you are [transferring] a piece of property. Contracts, obtaining deeds, notifying the managing timeshare organization of the transfer of ownership, and signing of the final papers. They file the new deed for recording. After all of this is completed, you will be sent a letter acknowledging your donation of the unit, mine was $5000 per unit, plus the fees I had to pay to do the transactions. My CPA had no problem with these documents. I was finally free of my "Albatross"! It took 2 or 3 months but was acceptable when you look at all of the transaction [steps].

As a Major in the Air force, I was delighted to be able to donate something to the Veterans, and particularly benefit me too.

I strongly recommend The Florida Veterans Assistance Associations.


Arun B.

Thanks very much. everything went well



David M.

Yes, we were very pleased with the process and yes you can use us as a reference. I already referred [another donor] and believe he is working with you now. And I will refer others.

The process and timelines were clearly explained up front and it was easy to get periodic updates....you were responsive to emails and phone calls throughout the process.


Wenonah W.

We really appreciate the service you provided, and you can use us as references anytime, I have already told one of my co-workers about you and have given him your contact info.


Bernadette P.

So nice to hear from you. And kind of ironic as I just gave your organization's info to my brother-in-law. He has a timeshare he would like to transfer as well. I'm sure he will be contacting you soon.

I was very pleased with the donation process last year. You did everything you said you would do. It was a smooth, (no surprises or hidden fees) transaction. And what a relief-after several years and money spent unsuccessfully trying to "unload" this timeshare that we once loved. Prior to Florida Veterans rescue, it was like a horrible divorce with no settlement in view!!

Please know that you can use us as a reference any time. And I will reference you at any opportunity.


Irv Beard

Thanks! We were very pleased with the smooth change of ownership of our timeshare. Yes ... you can use my name as a reference...


Joseph P.

Nice hearing from you. I like to thank you for all the help you gave me. I had tried to get out of the time and I paid several hundred dollars and got know where. Took only a few months and you got me out. I recommend you're organization to everyone who wants to get rid of there time share and help our Vets. Thanx again.


Frank Y.

Thanks for your help, glad to help our vets. Yes, you can use me as a reference.


Tori R.

Yes, I thought the process was easy and didn't take very long. I had no issues with my taxes last year either. Feel free to use me as a reference.


Lee L.

We were exceptionally pleased to work with the Florida Veterans Association when we decided to give our TimeShare and take the tax deduction. The efficient manner in which the transactions were explained and carried out exactly as explained left high marks for the staff and their ability to respond quickly to complete the transaction and avoid paying the maintenance fees for the next year.


Nikla H.

I was very pleased with how smoothly the transaction went. And with how fast it was.

Yes you may use my name as a reference. Use my email only, please.


Larry J.

Yes, we were very satisfied with the job you and the title company did to get us out from under the Blue Green timeshare contract. Yes you may use me as a reference.


Gayle & Del H.

I just want to thank you for the very smooth and painless transfer of my time share. It was a pleasure. At first I was skeptical because there are so many Scams and rip offs. I wish I could help you advertise more.


Sherry W. and Jean F.

Yes, we were extremely satisfied with the process. Over the years, we tried a lot of different avenues in an attempt at selling or donating our Timeshare. Nothing worked out, mainly just had sales people looking to make more money by advertising in an over abundant market. Florida Veterans was honest and straight forward from the beginning. Together we went through the details, filled out the forms you provided, made our donation and in only a few months, everything was finalized. Thank you again, we are very happy with the result.

Feel free to use us as a reference.


J.C. R.

Thank you for your kind email. Everything is fine with me, still working pro bono on economic development.

I want to thank you again for your help in this transfer process, everything was very well explained and without any trouble.

If I find you another owner, I will be sure that I will refer him to you.

If that can be of any help for your organization, I am more than willing to be used as a reference


Peggy R.

Thank you for taking care of this for me. Everything worked out fine, I even got a wonderful tax deduction. I have passed your name along to several people telling them they can trust you to get rid of their timeshare, of which you were aware I didn't know if I could trust anyone to do this. I got scammed one time before.


Rosemarie W.

The process went seamlessly and very smoothly. I was my pleasure to be able to donate the timeshare for our veterans' benefit. I will be very happy to pass the word along about the donation program.


Dan W.

Was great doing this donation of my timeshare that I wasn't using anymore the process with your group was very easy and quick to do. At first had seconds taughts on payment for title check but was no problem and was able to use for a great tax deduction at year end which really saved me big time, would recommend this process for the veterans of Florida to any one and would do it again if the time comes.


Leanne L.

I was extremely pleased and did mention your services to a friend (although she changed her mind about keeping her time share for now). I would be happy to send a few words and would be more than happy to be a reference.

The process of donating our Diamond points US Collection timeshare to Florida Veterans was an extremely easy process. [Florida Veterans] helped us with any questions we had and made sure we were informed along the entire process. When trying to determine what would be the right fit for our family in terms of donating our timeshare, the Florida Veterans became the perfect choice as my husband and I both have family who are veterans. I would highly recommend this donation process to anyone and have suggested it to many friends who are contemplating what to do with their timeshare.


David F.

Yes, we were pleased with the timeshare donation process, reasonably quick and painless. I would recommend a donation of a timeshare to the Florida Veterans to anyone looking at donating their timeshare to a worthy cause. Thanks again for taking care of all the details.


Steven L.

Yes everything went well. We were a bit anxious as the New Year approached, wondering if we were truly out from under the Diamond Overlords. And when no maintenance bill arrived - we threw a huge party, even had BIG BALL drop down - oh wait that was New Year's...We were very pleased with the process overall. Yes, you can certainly use us a reference.


Patrick Hansen

I am very grateful to finally deal with a legitimate company that helped me get out of my timeshare. I am glad that I was able to help the Florida Veterans as well. Yes, you may use me as a reference.


Sherry C.

Yes, our experience with Florida Veterans was positive. We would be happy to recommend you in the future and you are welcome to use us as a reference. Frank is a veteran and we were pleased that some benefit for other veterans was obtained.


Rob H.

The donation process could not have been better and feel that we did the best thing by donating it to veterans. Thank you for your help and superior service and you may absolutely use me as a reference.


Terri C.

I'm great and hope you are enjoying the Holiday Season. I did receive a document once the transaction was completed. Otherwise, you would have heard from me. :D

My experience with you and your company was very satisfactory. My particular Time Share presented possibly more hurdles than usual, but with your help, we were able to get past these hurdles and make it happen. I wasn't sure if it was going to happen in the time frame I was hoping for, but with your diligence, it did. You were always available when I called and if I left a message you promptly called me back. That seems like it should be a given, but in today's world, it is not. Thank you for that.

And yes, no problem to use me as a reference. And, I'm happy I was able to donate the time share to support our veterans.


Michael K.

I have spoken to my mother, she says;

'I was very pleased with how easy things were once we had made contact. I found the process very easy and would willingly recommend it to anyone wanting to dispose of a Timeshare. The whole process was very simple and stress free'.

She is quite happy to be used as a reference.


John N.

Yes, we were very pleased with the way the process went. You may use me as a reference and here is a short testimony.

"When my wife and I decided to sell our timeshare as is often the case we had two bad experiences that cost me in excess of $1500 in our attempts to sell the timeshare. Sometime after the first two experiences I learned of Florida Veterans Assoc. and contacted them to learn more about their process to donate our timeshare to Veterans. After a short discussion we made the decision to go this route. The experience was very good, we were able to get out from under the timeshare as promised in the time advertised and help our Vets at the same time. Being a Vet this meant a lot to me and we were rid of a timeshare we did not use. Highly recommend this route if you are looking to sell your timeshare."


Chris L.

Almost gave me a heart attack when I saw your name in the "from" spot. Was afraid there was some weird glitch or something.

It got a little close to the wire for taxes, but all went through smoothly and well. So appreciate your organization and that you were able to assist so wonderfully in releasing me from the dire clutches of the timeshare. I have kept your address in case I run into someone trying to get out of theirs. As I had told you before, there were several sham organizations I contacted (and ended up losing money with) so you turned out to be a real blessing. If this also helps veterans then it is a double blessing. And yes, please feel free to use me as a reference.


Sandra M.

We were very please how everything fell together from beginning to end. We were glad to donate to a very well worthy cause.
Yes you may use us as a reference.

We wish you well in your endeavors and if we hear of anyone wanting to [dispose of] a time share we will let them know about you.


Lynda B.

I tried for a few years to sell. rent or donate my timeshare. When I purchased it I was sure that I would use it many times. Unfortunate I did not use it even one time. I tried, for a fee, two different advertising companies that assured me that they would have the unit sold or at the least rented. Neither happen. I even tried giving my timeshare away with maintenance paid in advance. Didnt happen. Then I happen to find FVAA timeshare donation while scanning the internet..

Of course I had become a skeptic. Most companies and people made empty promises concerning selling the time shares. FVAA made that same promise but after speaking to [the Timeshare Coordinator] I felt confident that I had finally found a company that would live up to their promises. That they did.

I got to donate my timeshare to an organization that would help veterans.. Of course there was a cost but some of it was tax deductible. I am now timeshare free and happy. Thank again for helping me solve my timeshare issues.


John O.

Good to hear from you again. Yes you can use me as reference, no problem with that. My experience with you and the organization you represent was very good. You guys handle the process very professionally and diligently. Every time I communicate with you, you always try to help me somehow, answering my questions,communicating with [the transfer company] and so on. Thanks for your help and of course I will mention to other people that want to donate their timeshare your information.


Stephanie H.

Thanks for all your help. We actually had one 1/2 time share that I wasn't aware of until I received a tax bill for 2014. We ended up donating that one as well. I don't remember when the actual [closing] was but it was early this year.

I enjoyed working with you and appreciate your honesty and assistance. There are so many scams out there for time shares and I thought I would never be able to get rid of them. I was very hesitant to contact anyone for that reason. I 'm glad that veterans can benefit.

Anytime you need a reference, don't hesitate to contact me.


Myra M.

You may use us for a reference. We were very pleased with the entire process. We had looked for some time for a way to dispose of the time share but kept hitting a brick wall. Wynham would not even let us give it back to them! It took a bit longer that we thought to complete everything, but you told us from the beginning it could take some time.

It was a pleasure working with you and your group. All we needed to do was supply the proper documents and you did the leg work and paperwork. Thank you so much. We will pass the word to others in a similar situation who want out but can't find a way to do it.


Harold & Marlene D.

Just want to thank you, and your organization for helping us to donate our timeshares.

Everyone worked real hard in the procedure. The whole process went real well, every step of the way was explained to us. You and your fellow workers are true professionals, looking out for our veterans.


Ed & Janet I.

We had a very positive experience with Florida Veterans Assistance Assn. and with you, personally, throughout this process. You answered all our questions and concerns in a timely fashion and provided all the information and contacts needed. I don't know how typical our experience was, but there were some hurdles, and our timeshare company was less than co-operative, but with your assistance and encouragement, we were able to complete the donation process and were pleased with the outcome.

Feel free to use me as a reference.


Roger F.

You may use me as a reference. I already have spread the word about my experience with anyone who wants to talk about divesting of their timeshares.


Bob. E.

Donating the Timeshare to the veterans was the right thing to do. I had no success selling the timeshare as I tried on numerous occasions, but the tax right off made it worth getting out of. And not to mention it was donated to a worthy cause. The process was smooth. Feel free to use me as a reference.


Carol W.

We were very pleased with the donation process and we were so happy to honor our vets in this way . Yes you may use us as a reference.


Rachel R.

Thank you for everything. Transfer went smoothly and we were very pleased with the process. And yes you can use us as reference.


Tammy P.

Thank you so much for the quick note, I apologize for my delay in answering but I am not sure where the days go sometimes. We had received the tax receipt for the tax season. And my brother and I were both extremely pleased with the process. We both will continue to spread the word about the ability to donate timeshares to the organization. You also may use me as a reference, because you all helped us out a great deal. People don't realize the struggle of having a timeshare that isn't used, and not being able to sell them now a days...you all saved us from years of grief dealing with it.

My experience is below:

My brother and I had a time share that we were given. We never had the chance to use it and were stuck having to pay yearly fees. We couldn't find anyone who wanted a time share, and were feeling desperate. We just didn't want it anymore. I started thinking that there must be companies out there that would take donations. So I looked it up online and that is how I found the Florida Veterans Assistance Association. I contacted them, and [the Timeshare Coordinator] explained the process from beginning to end. I agreed. I was slightly hesitant because of having to pay but it ended up being well worth it. The money we save yearly, and not having to stress about the timeshare made the process well worth it. [our Timeshare Coordinator] was great also, whenever I had a question, or wanted an update, I emailed him and got an answer back within a day. I would recommend this to anyone who just doesn't know what to do with the timeshare.