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Timeshare donations assist Veterans

Thank you for your interest in timeshare donation. Florida Veterans Assistance Association, Inc. is an IRS sponsored 501(c)(3) veterans charity founded in 1996 and we have been selectively accepting timeshare donation for over eight years.

We help veterans help themselves.  Florida Veterans Assistance Association offers a wide variety of services such as our Toll Free Information Hotline (1-800-969-VETS) which is open from 9 a.m. till 9 p.m., six days a week. Veterans from all over the State of Florida can call in for free information as to their new bill of rights regarding Healthcare, the nearest VA Hospitals, Eligibility, Home Loans, Business Loans and much, much more:

Our Holiday Food Basket Programs – Offering baskets of food to hard-pressed Veterans and their families. We also offer Food Certificates from various grocery stores.

Cash Grants to all Florida VA Hospitals for needed equipment. Please consider our timeshare donation service.

Emergency help issued on a per need basis – Auto Repair and Giveaway Program to qualified Veterans. Travelers Aid to stranded veterans who need temporary assistance, Gas, Food, etc.

Donate Timeshares-Help Veterans

Children of Veterans that are hearing or sight impaired are given assistance with School Supplies, Clothing and other needs such as Summer Camps, etc. All other disabilities are taken into consideration as well.

Visitation and Fresh Cut Flowers, Coupon Booklets to all area VA Hospitals. Entertainment for Patients with Karaoke Night on a bi-monthly basis.

We are Not Funded By Any Grants Or Government Loans. All of our revenues come from the Great People that donate to us and purchase products!

There are many, many more services available that are too numerous to list and we will continue helping Veterans in our community.

For More Information, Please Call Our Hotline at 1-800-969-VETS (8387), email us at or fill out our contact form.